SHIFT – August 2022

SHIFT - August 2022
Our August issue of SHIFT looks at the power of intentionality in business; examines the value of curiosity in the workplace; provides insight on how to play the new talent game and win back workers; and advises companies on how to cope with today’s business ethics issues.

The Intentional Business Leader

The power of intention can help executives and leaders solve some of their biggest business challenges. As an intentional business leader, you can begin to develop crystal clear vision and a strong culture of excellence and innovation. This advice comes from consultants at HR and compensation company Prosper Consulting.

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Prosper Consulting

The Value of Curiosity in the Workplace

Analytics, artificial intelligence and data management company SAS surveyed 1,973 managers working within the financial services, retail/consumer goods, manufacturing, healthcare/life sciences and government sectors on the value and utility of curiosity in the workplace. The findings served to paint an impressive but nuanced portrait of curiosity as a potential asset for individuals and organizations worldwide.

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Gone for Now, or Gone for Good?

According to research from McKinsey, 25 percent of the employees who voluntarily left and then returned to both traditional and nontraditional roles are at least somewhat likely to leave their current employers in the next three to six months. They know that other opportunities are out there — particularly in this strained labor market. And they say that if professional development, workplace flexibility, support for mental and physical health, and other needs aren’t being met at one company, they will look for the right conditions elsewhere.

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McKinsey & Company

Ethical Issues Facing Companies Today

Ethical issues in business can be an unforeseen and difficult challenge. Although discrimination laws and statutes are in place to keep workers and employers responsible, they can’t wholly deter employees or employers from acting unethically. Understanding how to detect and deter current ethics issues before they become a problem can help you keep your focus on business growth rather than remediation.

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