SHIFT – August 2023

SHIFT - August 2023
Our August issue of SHIFT identifies the fastest-growing occupations for the years ahead; looks at how companies are rethinking office space in today’s hybrid environment; offers advice on how local business can promote their brands; and considers how leadership influences organizational culture.

The Fastest Growing Jobs in America

While there are no guarantees that these jobs will stay in high demand, here are fast-growing occupations — picked from U.S. News’ list of 100 Best Jobs — that are expected to have plenty of job openings in the years to come. According to the report, many of the best jobs have several attributes in common: They pay well, challenge us year after year, match our talents and skills, aren’t too stressful, offer room to advance throughout our careers, and provide a satisfying work-life balance. U.S. News used these qualities to rank the 100 Best Jobs of 2023.

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U.S. News

Companies Rethink Office Space

With some employees pushing back against return-to-office plans and the hybrid work model of three days a week in person seeming to be the sweet spot, the idea of bringing workers back to the office for a five-day workweek appears to have hit a wall. Office attendance has stabilized at 30% below where it was before pandemic, according to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute. The firm did a survey of large firms in nine cities around the world, including New York, San Francisco, London and Tokyo.

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How Local Businesses Can Effectively Promote Their Brand In 2023

The line between online and offline experiences is blurred in today’s digital environment. Consumers support local businesses by ordering online from their websites. Your marketing strategy must move fluidly between the two worlds to attract more prospective customers and drive sales. But digital marketing can be intimidating for many local businesses. Without the deep pockets of national brands, how can you stay competitive?

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How Does Leadership Influence Organizational Culture?

Organizational culture is a powerful driver of success. Yet it’s difficult to quantify and track, according to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), making it an intimidating but necessary challenge leaders must face. Organizational culture is the collection of values, beliefs, assumptions and norms that guide activity and mindset in an organization. It can impact employees’ motivation, which influences their work’s quality and efficiency, ability to reach goals and retention rates.

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Harvard Business Review