SHIFT – February 2024

Our February issue of SHIFT explores Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work for 2024; the impact of technology in the workplace; the best cities for jobs; and books to put you on the path to success in 2024.

Glassdoor’s 2024 List of Best Places to Work

As reported by Forbes, Glassdoor recently published its annual list of the Best Places to Work for 2024, including the most important factors that contribute to a company’s success in terms of employee satisfaction and engagement. Glassdoor identified a few common traits among the organizations that were recognized as the Best Places to Work in 2024. These characteristics include flexibility, transparency and opportunities for career advancement.

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Impact of Tech on the Workplace Report 2024’s “Impact of Tech on the Workplace” report aims to quantify and explain a wide range of workplace trends, noting the influence of technology as a primary driver. Their research found a wide range of statistics that point to how the world is adapting to new technology. surveyed over 1000 US business leaders to ensure an accurate depiction of the workplace heading in to 2024, and help you to strategize for the year ahead.

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Best Cities for Jobs

Personal finance company WalletHub recently looked at more than 180 cities across the country and ranked its best cities for jobs based on metrics such as job openings per job seeker and median annual incomes. Here are their top 10 cities for job search, as reported by CNBC: Scottsdale, Arizona; Tampa, Florida; Salt Lake City, Utah; Columbia, Maryland; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Seattle, Washington; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Plano, Texas; and Boston, Massachusetts.

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Recent Book on Leadership

In Strategic, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Rich Horwath delivers a roadmap to help leaders at all levels think, plan and act strategically to navigate the business challenges they face. The book offers business leaders a framework containing tools, techniques and checklists to help them master every area of their business, from designing market-winning strategies to shaping the organization’s culture.

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