SHIFT – September 2022

SHIFT - September 2022
Our September issue of SHIFT looks at the industries that grew the fastest in August; provides insight on why interim executives are in demand; examines how employers can meet expectations of workers; and recommends seven must-read business books for 2022.

U.S. Jobs: Industries that Grew the Fastest in August

U.S. employers added 315,000 jobs in August, and the nation’s unemployment rate ticked up to 3.7 percent, according to the latest data by the Labor Department. Meanwhile, average hourly pay for workers rose 5.2 percent from a year earlier, to $32.36 from $30.76. Access these findings as reported by Bloomberg below, which allows you to search a wide range of industries to chart changes in employment or wages over time.

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Hiring Trends In 2022: Why Are Interim Executives An In-Demand Management Solution?

According to a recent article in Forbes, many people are accepting volatility as the “de facto operating mode” for business in 2022. The war for talent, new Covid variants, hybrid work and the highest inflation levels in a generation are creating new business challenges. One smart strategy for navigating this volatility, advises the Forbes Human Resources Council, is hiring an interim executive.

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The Rise of the Whole Employee

According to MetLife’s 20th annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study 2022, the power dynamics between employees and employers have shifted. Over the past 20 years — and even more so in the past two years — loyalty has declined. The disruptions of the last few years have caused many individuals to explore more meaningful work, start their own businesses, and prioritize personal and family commitments over careers. As a result, employers must figure out how to address low job satisfaction rates and meet expectations of workers from various generations, races, gender identities, and industries.

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7 Must-Read Business Books for 2022

Gartner experts are known for their salient research and commentary around all things technology, business and strategy, aimed at empowering executives to make faster, smarter decisions. Each year they publish a list of books recommended by their experts. Each book on the list comes with a note from the expert highlighting its value to you as a leader and an individual.

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