Some Mixed Forecasts About Accounting Hiring

A recent survey of chief financial officers (CFOs) found that many did not plan to hire staff for their companies’ accounting departments.

According to an article on PC World’s website, the survey polled 1,400 CFOs and only 7 percent of them said that they were planning to increase staff levels in their accounting and finance divisions during the second quarter of 2011. In addition, about 7 percent said that they planned to cut jobs in these divisions over the next few months.

The survey did find that many CFOs planned to increase the number of IT jobs at their companies.

It was also revealed that 89 percent of respondents were confident about business growth, according to the news source.

Not everyone is pessimistic about hirings in the accounting industry, however.

Deidre Myers of the Oklahoma Commerce Department told the Oklahoman that accounting was one of the industries in high demand in the state, particularly for recent college graduates.

“[Hiring for college graduates] depends on the industry, if they’re willing to move to rural areas and transition skills into new opportunities,” she told the news source.