Tougher Gun Laws Yield More Admin Jobs in Connecticut

State police in Connecticut are anticipating the need for a range of new workers to handle an influx of new duties that will be needed in the wake of stricter gun laws passed after the Newtown school shootings.

Lieutenant J. Paul Vance, a spokesman for the state police, told the Connecticut Post that the positions include a wide range of jobs such as office assistant, identification technician, IT analyst, and school security coordinator. In all, the department said it needed $2.6 million to hire 39 additional workers.

“It’s a substantial amount of work that needs to be entered into the system,” Vance told the news agency. “There is a lot of work.”

Ruben Bradford, commissioner of the state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, said most of the positions such as data entry are considered administrative functions that can be “handled by civilian staff.”

Tougher gun laws may also result in more jobs in Maryland. Governor Martin O’Malley recently signed a bill that includes a fingerprinting and licensing requirement for all handgun purchases. In addition to harsher restrictions of gun purchases, the new legislation could also create more admin positions because it also requires mandatory reporting to law enforcement officials in the event a gun is lost or stolen.