U.K. Prime Minister Predicts Job Growth Will Bring Opportunity

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the U.K., recently said that the recent job growth, which was the biggest quarterly increase in employment ever, will bring the British people peace of mind about the economy. 

With unemployment recently dropping to 7.1 percent and the creation of more than 280,000 jobs in the last quarter, Cameron predicts that the job growth will have long-term, positive effects on the nation’s people.

Cameron revealed his delight on Twitter, where he posted about the success of the nation’s Long Term Economic Plan. 

“The biggest quarterly increase in employment on record,” he Tweeted. “More jobs means more security, peace of mind and opportunity for the British people.”

The plan, which Cameron said has already assisted in placing 1.3 million people in jobs, aims to provide infrastructure for the citizens of Great Britain, assist in promoting growth and continue with job creation for citizens across the country. Cameron’s administration continues to place emphasis on strengthening and building the economy, which it believes is key to obtaining wealth for the nation and its inhabitants. As the U.K. continues to create jobs and raise the number of employed citizens, Cameron remains hopeful for the future of the economy.