Texas Restaurants to Add Thousands of Jobs

The Texas restaurant industry is expected to report a 4.7 percent sales growth in 2014, according to the recently released National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Industry 2014 forecast and trends report. Within the next decade, Texas restaurants aim to create over 170,000 jobs in the industry. In 2014, there will be 1.1 million individuals working in these establishments.

Richie Jackson, CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association, said in a release that this is one of the fastest growing markets in America, second only to California. 

“In Texas, not only is eating out fun … it is big business,” Jackson said.

The release also notes that 2014 marks the fifth consecutive year of positive job growth, with sales predicted to exceed $683 billion this year. Additionally, this will be the 15th year that growth in the restaurant industry has been higher than that of overall job market. The national sector plans to employ 13.5 million people in 2014, or 10 percent of the job force.

Dawn Sweeney, CEO of the National Restaurant Association, said in a release that dining establishments are key to America’s survival.

“Restaurants touch every community across the U.S, and 2014 will be a year of growth and innovation as the industry focuses on inspired new ways to meet customer demand while providing valuable careers to millions of Americans,” Sweeney said.