Women Make Strides in Indian IT Employment

While the technology sector has long been dominated by men with degrees in computer science and engineering, there are some signs that women are making significant progress.

This is especially true in India, where many of the leading technology firms have set up shop to save money on salaries. The Economic Times reports that during its recent campus recruitment event, IBM India hired more women than men. According to the source, 52 percent of the new staff hired during the period ending in June were female, higher than the 38 percent recorded in 2011 and 32 percent in 2010. 

According the firm’s leadership, one of the reasons that more women have decided to enter the field is the flexibility the career provides.

“Our flexible work policies, the work from home option, the ability to customize working hours are big attractions ,” said Kalpana Veeraraghavan, diversity manager in IBM India, in an interview with the source. “We have done a good job of communicating all of this on the ground.”

Though many jobs have been outsourced over the past few years, there are still a number of opportunities in the U.S. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that there was a net increase of 20,400 IT positions available in July compared to the month before.

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