Bert Miller on “White Glove” Hiring in the Age of COVID

There have been many recessions and even a few depressions during the history of the US economy, but never have we seen an event disrupt the workforce quite like the Covid-19 pandemic. Tens of millions of employees moved their workplaces from traditional offices to their homes virtually overnight — and the professional staffing industry had to pivot with them.

When in-person visits no longer became possible because of the national health emergency, professional recruiters got creative. 

Bert Miller recently shared his 11 “must-dos” to build an exceptional white glove hiring experience with SIA’s The Staffing Stream. This week he followed up with recommendations on how to pivot your hiring experience to a virtual environment in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and increased trend towards remote and flex workforces. 

Read Bert’s advice on “white glove” hiring in the age of COVID on The Staffing Stream