Bert Miller Weighs in on How to Support an Unemployed Partner

After a global pandemic that has left millions of people unemployed and eager for work, you may find yourself carrying the brunt of the financial responsibilities in your relationship. When your partner is laid off, furloughed, or otherwise unable to bring in an income, it’s bound to cause stress — and at times — tension within your couplehood. While expected, relationship experts say it’s vital to be a source of support and encouragement during this stressful period.

WeddingWire asked a range of experts spanning relationship psychology to the World of Work for their perspectives on how to support a loved one through a layoff. Among those featured was Bert Miller, President and CEO of MRINetwork, who brought 25 years of experience supporting job seekers and leading his own companies to the sensitive topic that’s a very real concern for millions of Americans this year. 

Bert’s advice? Don’t undermine your partner’s feelings. “Beyond genuine, non-judgmental support, remember that you bring a valuable perspective to the table. You weren’t recently laid off, so you have an objective, unemotional voice of reason.” Bert recommends sitting down with your partner to help bring that realism as you start to make a plan together. “Don’t undermine your partner’s feelings, but instead provide balance where they will struggle to find it themselves,” he explains. “Building a plan as partners will take the onus of responsibility off of their shoulders and protect your relationship.”

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