Observations About the Changing US Job Market: What Job Seekers Should Do to Adapt

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Guest Post by: Bobbi Moss, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Govig & Associates

* Today’s employers are looking for specific or even technical expertise rather than general expertise. The more niched a skill set, the better.

* Proficiency in all areas of social media at the highest level is very important. Familiarity won’t do. Candidates should be skilled in using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, at a minimum. If the job seeker is heading toward marketing or social media, then they should additionally know how to use Instagram, Pinterest, and Content Management (i.e. Hoot Suite.)

* It’s important that candidates be astute in recognizing that companies will use the counteroffer to retain them. Candidates should also be astute in making good decisions about accepting an offer; committing to the role once that offer is accepted and not looking back.

* The professional sector has a much lower unemployment rate than the general overall employment rate and many employers have still not come to terms with the reality that top candidates are in high demand. They may present lower than market offers and employ lengthy hiring processes.

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