Pharmacy Industry Growth Ramping Up Across America

Pharmacy jobs are growing across the country as corporations both big and small expand their operations, hiring more employees along the way.

Catamaran Corp., based out of Illinois, has begun preparations for construction of a 12-acre pharmacy hub in Jeffersonville, Indiana, is expected to employ at least 200 full-time workers in the coming years.

The company has committed to hiring 104 full-time employees in 2014, expecting to expand that total to 205 in 2015, hiring pharmacists, technicians and call-center personnel among others, according to the Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal. Average pay is expected to start at an average of $24 per hour.

In Flint, Michigan, pharmaceutical companies in the industry have hired nearly 1,000 people recently, with more hires to come. Senderra, which specializes in disease management, plans to expand from its current total of 34 employees to more than 170 by 2016, while Diplomat Pharmacy employs 900 workers while it grows at a rate allowing it to hire an additional 200 per year, according to MLive.

Experts told the news source that the specialty pharmacy market will grow by more than $10 billion this year and expand 15 to 20 percent yearly with much more room for growth and further hiring.