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Global Talent Update – May 2020

Europe, Middle East and Africa Sojern, a company that specializes in collecting and analysing travel data, is focusing on current travel trends imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. Offering a sense of the gravity of the situation, global flight bookings to Europe are down drastically, with Italy seeing almost a 94% year-over-year decline in flight bookings, […]

“Clean and Safe” Image Could Boost Tourism in Switzerland

Switzerland Tourism has welcomed next month’s reopening of borders with France, Germany and Austria. It believes the country’s reputation for cleanliness and tidiness could be a selling point once the Covid-19 pandemic dies down, according to SWI (swissinfo.com).  “What doesn’t seem very sexy in normal times can be a big plus in times of crisis,” said […]

Japan Tries to Take Business Card Ritual Online

Japan’s time-honoured ritual of exchanging business cards face-to-face is under pressure as the government promotes a “new lifestyle” to combat the coronavirus, according to a recent report from Reuters. Recommendations include frequent hand-washing, social distancing, off-peak commuting, video conferencing – and the exchange of “meishi,” or business cards, online. The practice involves extracting a pristine […]

Mexico Loses Almost 350,000 Jobs Due to Coronavirus

Mexico’s Labor Department reports that the country has lost 346,748 jobs since mid-March due to the economic impact of the virus and the distancing measures imposed to fights its spread, according to a report by the Associated Press. The biggest job losses occurred in the heavily tourism-dependent Caribbean coastal state of Quintana Roo, which lost […]

How the Coronavirus is Boosting Digital Banking Tools

The pandemic and its resulting restrictions on daily life are highlighting the importance of digital platforms, testing their mettle and demonstrating the power of tools banks lacked in past crises, according to a recent article in American Banker. Most banks are closing branches or limiting access, but unlike many service industries, banks have digital options […]

How Coronavirus is Affecting the 2020 Real Estate Market

New home listings dropped 44.1 percent in April, typically one of the busiest months in the real estate industry, according to data from Realtor.com. The decrease in home listings highlights seller decisions to halt sales and see how market conditions play out as stay-at-home orders have led 30 million Americans to lose their jobs. “The good […]

Impact of Coronavirus on the Automotive Industry

The shift in the pandemic’s epicenter to Europe and North America underscores the need for automotive companies to remain nimble in their responses to the crisis, according to a recent analysis from PwC. “Supply chain disruptions combined with the significant – and growing – macroeconomic uncertainty fueled by COVID-19’s global spread can make formulating the […]

BLS Employment Situation Report: April 2020

As expected, the decision to mandate the shutdown of a large segment of the U.S. economy in efforts to reduce the spread of the coronavirus delivered record acceleration in the rate of unemployment. Just two months ago, payrolls increased by 230,000 jobs and unemployment fell back to a half century low of 3.5%. The Bureau […]

Global Talent Update – April 2020

Europe, Middle East and Africa Coronavirus is seriously affecting EMEA polymer conversion plants. As infection rates continue to rise, the European petrochemical industry faces unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, due in part to European governments restricting movement in an attempt to limit the virus’ spread. With borders across Europe closing, supply-chain concerns are rising. “The market […]

With Fewer New Coronavirus Cases, Will Hong Kong Begin to Ease Restrictions Soon?

Hong Kong started implementing social-distancing measures in February — much earlier than most countries around the world. But as several countries — including some still reporting thousands of new cases daily — start to lift restrictions on businesses, Hong Kong authorities have not announced plans to do the same. With the daily increase in coronavirus […]