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With Fewer New Coronavirus Cases, Will Hong Kong Begin to Ease Restrictions Soon?

Hong Kong started implementing social-distancing measures in February — much earlier than most countries around the world. But as several countries — including some still reporting thousands of new cases daily — start to lift restrictions on businesses, Hong Kong authorities have not announced plans to do the same. With the daily increase in coronavirus […]

How France is Trying to Combat Job Loss During the Pandemic

Despite uncertainty about the future, hundreds of thousands of businesses in France are being thrown lifelines as the government deploys a targeted plan aimed at keeping every worker possible employed, according to a recent article in the New York Times, which notes that “France is rapidly emerging as a test case of whether a country […]

How the Coronavirus is Affecting the Airline Industry

Planes are grounded. Travel worldwide has been halted. People who’ve planned trips have had to cancel them indefinitely, all because of the rapidly spreading and deadly coronavirus. The airline industry is suffering greatly because of the pandemic and the U.S. government recently announced a bailout plan for the industry that will provide $60 billion in […]

How Big Tech Companies are Hurting Startups Around the U.S.

The biggest tech companies in the United States are greatly affecting the industry’s startups in many surprising ways. That’s according to recent research and reporting by Bloomberg News on the heels of a slew of high-profile acquisitions in the last few years by companies like Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google. In an interview with Bloomberg, […]

How Virtual Reality is Affecting the Healthcare Industry

During a period of uncertainty as great as the current coronavirus rapidly spreading throughout the world, it’s important to look into new, nontraditional opportunities within the healthcare industry to prevent something like this from ever happening again. That’s where the potential for virtual reality comes into play. Take, for example, a recent Nasdaq article that […]

BLS Employment Situation Report: March 2020

It should come as little surprise to anyone who in past months has patronized a restaurant, shopped at a mall or commuted to work that the March Bureau of Labor Statistics data reflected a shutdown of vast swaths of the U.S. economy. In fact, the U.S. employment plunged for the first time since 2010 as […]

Global Talent Update – March 2020

Europe, Middle East and Africa The coronavirus in Italy has decimated the country economically, while leading to over 2,000 deaths. To help improve the country’s poor financial outlook, the government has approved an infusion of $28 billion. “The decree throws a financial lifeline to families and firms who face hardship after the government last week […]

How the Japanese Economy Can Get a Boost Despite the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the coronavirus decimating economies across the world, Japan is trying its best to boost its economy. “The pneumonia-causing virus has already rocked the financial markets, frozen tourism, cooled down consumption and disrupted companies’ production, but how much longer the economic blow will last is anybody’s guess,” according to The Japan Times. Notably, experts for […]