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What Will Become of Business Meetings and Conferences in the Post-Covid World?

Is a “new normal” emerging that will permanently alter the way the world’s leading businesses and industry groups plan and execute conferences, conventions, and face-to-face regional, national, and international gatherings? Will the army of corporate and lodging industry meeting planners soon be flooding LinkedIn and executive recruiters with their resumes as their jobs and their […]

Working Remotely Won’t Disappear Even After the Coronavirus Does

Only 3.6 percent of US white collar employees worked from home half-time or more in 2018 according to Global Workplace Analytics estimates. New data is not yet available, but virtually everyone reading this article has anecdotal evidence, earned through hours of peering into a home-monitor-delivered Zoom meeting with a dozen or so colleagues all squinting […]

Rebooting Your Business Post-Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on the global economy. Nearly every industry is coping with decimated workforces, decreased sales and projects on hold, but now things are beginning to look up and companies are looking to develop strategies for rebooting their businesses. But when and how should you do it? According to […]

Coronavirus and Managing Remote Work

With the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic, workers across industries have been forced to work from home where possible. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and many others around the world have all initiated mandatory work-from-home policies. While many other companies are unable to allow for remote work, which has led to mass […]

Identifying Employee Metrics and People Analytics That Matter

If you want to build (and keep) a successful and productive team, it’s imperative that your organization keep metrics and track data on employees. But even though the use of people analytics has become more common, many companies don’t really have a clear grasp of the specific metrics that affect performance in their organizations. “It […]

Creating a Strong Employee Brand to Hire Effectively

In today’s hiring environment in the U.S. in which unemployment is low, companies need to do everything it takes to attract strong candidates and showcase the organization as a place people want to work. To that effect, it’s crucial that employer branding and visibility are top of mind, especially digitally. “Today’s competitive talent market requires […]

Keeping People Who Work Remotely Engaged and Motivated

In 2020 and beyond, having remote workers at your organization will likely become even more prevalent. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to have a powerful strategy in place to ensure that your employees are kept engaged and motivated. After all, physical distance between a manager and workers can lead to mishaps, including poor communication, […]

Here’s How to Foster a Culture of Learning at Your Company in 2020

It’s the start of a new year, and with it the opportunity to change the way in which your employees work and how your organization’s culture operates. So, what’s one of the most powerful ways to boost productivity and make people who are employed at your business happy? Inspire a culture of learning. With new […]

How to Manage Your Workforce in 2020

It’s a new year, which means it’s as good a time as any to figure out ways to energize your workers for the year ahead. After all, happy and inspired employees mean a successful organization. Unfortunately, however, many companies are ill-prepared to successfully manage the flexible and diverse workforce that will define 2020 and the […]