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How to Craft a Strong Change Narrative for Your Company

When your company is undergoing major change, it can be a tough transition for everyone, especially your organization’s employees. After all, they may be wondering how the company’s transformations will affect them, their roles, responsibilities, co-workers, leadership and other aspects of their lives in the coming months. Click to watch the video. To help dispel […]

Setting up the Change Management Process for Success

Imagine this scenario: your company is preparing for organizational change now or in the coming months. Maybe you need to restructure in order to drive greater productivity and revenue. Or perhaps change management is necessary at your firm to complete a large merger or acquisition, smoothly and effectively. Regardless of the reason(s) for business transformation, […]

The Role of Communication in Leadership

Throughout history, the greatest leaders have also been motivators, able to encourage others to work toward a common goal. This ability to motivate has largely been a result of solid communication skills. Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, two of the most effective leaders in history, approached challenges in different ways, but both excelled at communication. […]

Evaluating Your Next Employer’s Commitment to Diversity

As workforce demographics shift and global markets emerge, diversity is becoming a business necessity, leading companies to promote their commitment to inclusion. Employees reap tangible and intangible benefits from workplace diversity, but how can you evaluate a potential employer’s true commitment when, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, 41 percent of managers say […]

How to Modernize Your Employee Review Practices

In today’s lean, fast-changing world, traditional business practices are being shaken up. Many companies are reviewing their long-held traditions in favor of more agile, responsive ways of improving the employee experience. They are giving more consideration to the physical environment employees work in as well as the practices, technologies and tools that encourage productivity. Changes […]

How to Talk to Other Employees About Change

When your company is experiencing change, you may need to talk to your co-workers and other individuals with whom you are close, in order to process what is happening. After all, this can be a stressful time for you, and you’ll probably find support in speaking with co-workers. While it’s indeed good to talk to […]

Leveraging Your Strengths to Maximize Leadership Potential

Everyone is born with certain innate talents, capabilities and strengths that make them who they are, many of which are characteristic of leadership. Be it attention to detail, critical thinking, attentiveness, or clearly explaining complicated concepts, there’s no one else quite like you, to paraphrase Fred Rogers. Leveraging your personal strengths at work often translates […]

How Top Leaders Hire

Strong leadership is a key element of an organization’s success, yet how leadership should be demonstrated is something companies are constantly evaluating. We talked with Deborrah Ashley, MBA, an authority positioning strategist, to learn what leadership qualities big brands are focusing on, how businesses are nurturing and retaining their managers, as well as areas in […]