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Leveraging Your Strengths to Maximize Leadership Potential

Everyone is born with certain innate talents, capabilities and strengths that make them who they are, many of which are characteristic of leadership. Be it attention to detail, critical thinking, attentiveness, or clearly explaining complicated concepts, there’s no one else quite like you, to paraphrase Fred Rogers. Leveraging your personal strengths at work often translates […]

How Top Leaders Hire

Strong leadership is a key element of an organization’s success, yet how leadership should be demonstrated is something companies are constantly evaluating. We talked with Deborrah Ashley, MBA, an authority positioning strategist, to learn what leadership qualities big brands are focusing on, how businesses are nurturing and retaining their managers, as well as areas in […]

How to Transition from Worker Bee to Management

Upward mobility is a major selling point for candidates, especially for those who aspire to work in a management role. However, shifting from worker bee to management isn’t always easy. The transition can be fraught with obstacles, juggling not only the new tasks that need to be accomplished, but also overseeing the very people that […]

4 Strategies to Communicate Change Effectively and Motivate Employees

When you need to implement change at an organization, it’s never easy. Many times, executives don’t clearly or effectively communicate the changes in a timely, considerate or successful manner, which can leave employees feeling undervalued, underappreciated and burned out. In fact, the Harvard Business Review notes that many employees believe that companies have failed to […]

How Company Benefits and Incentives Can Drive Employee Engagement

Recruiting and retaining top talent has a lot to do with the benefits and incentives offered at your company. Today, it can be difficult to discern what it is that really attracts employees, and then what continues to motivate them once they’ve been hired. There needs to be a balance between over-the-top perks like unlimited […]

Retain Your Clients By Retaining Your Employees

Suppose you have a client who deals with a specific representative within your organization on a regular basis. Then that client starts to see multiple employees being funneled through that position. Every time the client contacts you, they’re dealing with a new person. What does this say to your client about your company? Countless negative […]

People Analytics: The Big Data of the Employment World

What if high tech companies knew why top engineers quit and how to build work environments that would get people to stay? What if product companies could analyze the demographic and experiential factors that correlate with high-performing sales people? What if healthcare companies could determine why certain hospitals have higher infection rates and what people […]

Reaching Top Talent as a Path to Growth

The recession and broader economic slowdown have given business leaders the cover they need to make sweeping changes to their business structures. For some, it has meant sending core processes overseas, for others, it has meant investing in technology that would automate tasks once carried out by humans.  It’s why in the depths of the […]