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Trend to Watch: Increased Focus on Performance Management

The year 2020 will mark fierce competition among employers who want to hire and, more importantly, retain the best talent at their organizations. After all, unemployment in the U.S. is hovering at near-historic lows, with the most recent Employment Situation report from by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrating that the unemployment rate within […]

How to Hire More Effectively in a Tight Labor Market

National unemployment remains at record lows, especially in the executive, managerial and professional labor market. In fact, unemployment in this sector has been hovering around 3.3% most recently, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers. As a result, many businesses are struggling to find the best talent, with the necessary skills for their […]

How Job Candidates and Interviewers Can Communicate with Each Other Successfully

The job interview is the first opportunity for job candidates and employers to get to know one another in person. It’s a critical step in the recruiting process because it gives employers the chance to learn more about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, while also enabling the candidate to see if the job they’re applying […]

3 Ways to Successfully Assess a Candidate with Little Industry Experience

When hiring for an open role, experience isn’t everything. In fact, it should only be part of the reason you bring someone to your company. There are many other qualities that will enable  employees to thrive and provide value to your organization, and it’s important to evaluate candidates on these attributes as well. Therefore, it’s […]

All Star Spotlight: Reigniting Your Passion – Interview with Mark Lindquist

Discovering our strengths and remaining passionate about our everyday work are challenges most of us have encountered. This can be particularly difficult when you have more than one passion. To learn how to keep our passion and enthusiasm for work, we recently sat down with Mark Lindquist, a motivational speaker, actor and entertainer who is […]

How Managers New to Interviewing Can Prepare for Candidate Job Interview and Fight Your Nerves

When it comes to interviewing, there is often the assumption that hiring managers know how to interview candidates in a meaningful way that provides clarity around applicants’ experience and overall fit with open roles. However, depending on their experience interviewing, managers can be just as nervous as candidates. After all, hiring managers are human too. […]

Organization Effectiveness: Calling All Doubters!

“No offense or anything, but I just don’t see any value in putting together a mission statement. I think it’s a waste of time. I’m here for one reason: to make money.” He dropped the comment matter-of-factly, and I’m glad he did. I’m better for hearing it. My client isn’t alone in his cynicism that […]

What Tech Companies are Doing to Boost Diversity (and What You Can Do at Your Organization)

If you’re a tech business owner or recruiter and looking to increase diversity, there are many steps you can (and should) take. Diversity, of course, remains a major issue at tech companies, and it’s crucial that you hire the best workers from a plethora of backgrounds. It’s beneficial for a number of reasons. “Promoting workplace […]

The No. 1 Recruitment Metric Employers Track When Assessing a New Hire’s Effectiveness

After completing multiple rounds of interviews and presenting a job offer to a promising candidate, the work has in many ways just begun. Now that the new employee is starting at your organization, it’s crucial that you help ensure their success. Before that process begins, you’ll also want to determine whether you can effectively track […]