Billing and Collection Agents Needed Nationwide

Due to various healthcare laws, foreclosure rates and the height of the current tax season, the billing and collection sector in the United States is experiencing growth. Across the nation, corporate organizations and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) plan to employ additional agents to keep on top of unpaid fees and billing needs.

The corporate owner of Venice Regional Medical Center and other regional hospitals is establishing a centralized billing and collection center in Southwest Florida that may employ approximately 300 agents in the next few years, the Herald-Tribune reports.

Officials managing the center plan to open in July 2012 with a workforce of 150 agents, according to the news source.

On a national scale, the IRS is hiring 4,000 new agents and spending $303 million to help enforce new healthcare laws. While not every new hires will be tasked with collecting payments, the bulk of the money spent will be to support potential healthcare systems that may be required if President Obama’s healthcare measures survive future deliberations in the U.S. Congress.

Job seekers looking to enter a growing sector in billing and collections may want to consider applying for one of the new jobs recently announced by the IRS.