Indiana Health Sector Adding Jobs

An Indianapolis-based healthcare staffing and services company recently stated its plans to add 82 new jobs by 2015 to deal with increasing demand.

RepuCare announced it would be bringing the added staff to a 4,000 square-foot building in the city and that it would also be spending funds on new technology, a communication system and furniture. The head of the company said that it was important to hire within the state because it valued the skills of residents and the community.

“We decided to expand our operations in Indiana because of the growth opportunities for our staffing and on-site healthcare businesses, a business and political climate that facilitates entrepreneurial growth, access to the healthcare and professional talent that we need and employee retention because of the family-friendly, quality of life advantages in Indiana,” said Billie Dragoo, founder and chief executive officer of RepuCare.

Other firms have been adding jobs in the state. Engine manufacturer Cummins announced it would be bringing 290 new employees to a factory in southern Indiana.