Demand for IT Workers to Increase in 2015

Information technology professionals looking to further their career in 2015 are in luck, according to a report by tech site Increased demand for workers in the ever-growing industry will produce plenty of jobs over the next year. 

According to the survey, hiring trends for the tech sector are expected to follow the pattern of September, October and November, when collectively almost 18,000 positions were created. The source surveyed 800 organizations, about 75 percent of which said they would be increasing their IT workforces in the coming year, with most of them looking to do so by at least 10 percent within the first two quarters.

The markets that will see increased demand are spread throughout the nation. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which has already expanded its tech payroll by 39 percent since last year, is expected to grow even more, reported Other regions include Nashville, Tennessee, Portland, Oregon, Hartford, Connecticut, and Sacramento, California. 

Forbes reported that tech workers with specific sets of skills that require high amounts of training will be in the best position as this hiring boom begins. Some of the jobs expected to take off in 2015 include cyber security professionals, as well as people familiar with the IT applications Puppet and Hadoop.