Latin America Looks to Create More Jobs in 2015

While the recent labor situation in Latin America has been less than ideal, Bloomberg reported that employers plan to create positions in the first quarter of 2015. 

Currently, the employment rates in the region are fairly unstable, according to the United Nations. This is particularly true for urban labor statistics, which have been declining over the past 12 months, and youth jobless rates, which have been on the rise. 

According to Bloomberg, however, hiring intentions look positive for all of Latin America in 2015. Especially in Brazil, where 16 percent of employers expect to add jobs early in the new year. Most of the new positions are expected to come from the service sector, while the manufacturing industry has the least positive forecast.

Panama will also see significant employment growth, where about 20 percent of companies are anticipating hiring increases. Mexico expects its manufacturing and construction fields to grow, while employers in Argentina will increase hiring in the service, real estate, insurance and finance industries. Bloomberg reported that this year’s forecast indicates that the region is finally catching up to some of the positive employment trends the global economy has been seeing recently.