IT Managers Increase Hiring in 2020

There’s some good news for tech industry’s staffing in the coming months, according to recent data by Staffing Industry Analysts. In fact, there’s expected to be a boost in hiring, as noted by recently published information. “IT decision makers in the US plan more hiring in the first half of 2020, but hiring challenges persist, according to a survey from Robert Half Technology.”

Notably, the IT managers polled in the survey expressed a big enthusiasm to hire in the coming months. “The survey found 69% anticipate expanding their team in the next six months, up two points from a similar survey for the second half of 2019,” according to the survey data. “Nearly all IT managers polled, 96%, plan to bring on interim professionals.” The “survey includes responses from more than 2,800 IT decision makers in 28 major US markets,” as noted by the article.

Interestingly, there appears to be a movement toward specific types of hiring within the industry. “Of those [surveyed], 60% say hiring project-based IT employees is part of their overall staffing strategy and 58% will look to temporary staff if a role becomes vacant and isn’t filled quickly,” according to the information in the survey.

“Savvy organizations are shifting their hiring strategy given the growing demand for IT professionals and adapting to the increasing challenges brought on by talent shortages,” said John Reed, an executive VP with Robert Half, in an interview with the publication.

Another piece of important information from the survey – Companies are boosting the types of perks they offer employers in order to woo them to their organization: “Employers are upping the ante on perks and benefits for tech workers, new research from global staffing firm Robert Half Technology shows,” it notes. “About three-quarters of technology leaders surveyed (76%) said their company offers IT staff more than the norm when it comes to things like remote work opportunities and sign-on bonuses.” Among the 28 U.S. cities in the survey, Miami (92%), Seattle (85%) and Raleigh (84%) have the most organizations that are sweetening the pot for hard-to-find IT talent.

The survey also found that specific subsections of the IT industry are expected to need the following skills: cybersecurity cloud (computing, security, architecture), business intelligence and reporting services, database management, and devOps.