Packaging Industry Sees Slow Gains

Many industries are seeing gains in hiring as the economy slowly recovers from the recession, and one such sector is the packaging industry.

According to WSAV, an NBC affiliate, Be Green Packaging LLC is planning to open a manufacturing and distribution facility in Ridgeland, South Carolina. It is believed that this packaging company could bring as many as 175 jobs to the area over the next five years.

An advisor to Be Green, David Brown, told the news source that South Carolina was selected for the location of the plant over Georgia and Louisiana because of the benefits it provides.

“The opportunity to be close to I-95, close to the Port of Charleston and Savannah… There’s just so many opportunities to grow here, plus the local farming community can actually grow the materials that we use in the pulp,” he said.

Other parts of the country are seeing some hiring in the packaging industry as well, although some of it is temporary.

The Yakima Herald reports that a number of packaging companies in Washington are hiring temporary workers, such as 21-year-old Rey Toki. Toki told the news source that he hopes to one day fill a permanent role with the company, which his employer said he is close to accomplishing.