2022 Leaders Summit Agenda

Designed for MRINetwork owners & leaders

Registration for the 2022 Leaders Summit opens 9/6/2022
Early bird registration for the 2022 Leaders Summit ends 9/6/2022

The Leaders Summit was designed for MRINetwork owners and leaders to learn from each other, explore new concepts, collaborate on solutions, and solidify their place at the forefront of talent access.

But it’s also about intentionality.

Every choice you make as a leader has an impact, and it's important to step away from the business to get a healthy view of your firm, and decide now what matters most for future success.

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In-depth strategies,
practical applications

Each year, we’ll focus on a few select topics based on industry trends, current best practices, and the evolving competitive landscape.

This year, those topics are: search operations, hiring, and DIG development.


We’ll approach each content track from three different perspectives:

01. Learn

A guest speaker or subject matter expert will present on the foundations of the topic and the key components needed to succeed.

02. Engage

MRINetwork owners and leaders who have applied or are exploring this topic will share the learnings and insights they gained on their journeys.

03. Practice

In an open networking session, attendees will then have the chance to discuss what they heard, ask questions, and refine their own perspectives on and approaches to this topic.
With this comprehensive framework, we tackle each topic from three different altitudes to truly go deep on the most pressing challenges owners face today.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

— John F. Kennedy

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