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Joe Mullings on Why You Should Upskill Your Workforce

Recruiting is no longer just about finding people with specific hard skills; now it is also about finding people with the right interpersonal skills because today’s workforces are predominantly remote. People need to communicate and lead better than they did in the on-site work days for everyone to stay productive. Joe Mullings, Chief Vision Officer […]

Bert Miller on “White Glove” Hiring in the Age of COVID

There have been many recessions and even a few depressions during the history of the US economy, but never have we seen an event disrupt the workforce quite like the Covid-19 pandemic. Tens of millions of employees moved their workplaces from traditional offices to their homes virtually overnight — and the professional staffing industry had […]

Bert Miller on How to Create a “White Glove” Hiring Experience

In today’s job market, it might seem like the advantage rests squarely with employers, what with record numbers of unemployment. But that’s not necessarily true. Superstar players in your industry will always be in high demand — their standards and expectations are only increasing thanks to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. To recruit the […]

As the Role of HR Evolves, Adding a Chief of Staff Can Be a Smart Move

By Richard Ledesma The role of HR has undergone major shifts over the last few decades, and in recent years the function has taken leadership of employee-focused business strategies that drive greater job satisfaction and retention. Today, we are seeing yet another shift as HR technology provides greater insight and measurement around talent management capabilities, […]

5 Keys to Avoiding Discrimination in the Hiring Process

By Emily Moore At this point, many employers have already heard about the benefits of diversity, particularly how it can drive innovation and even boost profits. But despite the increased attention to diversity and inclusion, many organizations are still struggling to hire and retain a truly diverse workforce. While there are a number of different contributing factors, one […]

MRINetwork Study Reveals Lack of Mobile Compatibility Undermining Search for Top Candidates

PHILADELPHIA, PA — The appeal of a quick, mobile, application process has been clear for quite some time, but until recently, the full extent was unknown. According to new research from the 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study, 76 percent of candidates expect to be able to apply for jobs and receive feedback via mobile devices. Only 30 percent of companies currently […]

Making the Case for Diversity in Marketing and PR

The ingredients of an effective and even spectacular campaign are many, but one critical consideration for any promotion must be diversity. In fact, when a marketing or public relations campaign falls flat, many times it’s because diversity and inclusion weren’t part of the equation. The diversity factor is not simply about creating advertisements or messaging […]